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How Lady Ha restaurant started

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Born and raised in Saigon, Ha Kieu, also known as Lady Ha, came from humble beginnings. Being raised by a single working parent, she loved spending most of her time with her mother in the kitchen, where she learned to cook the more traditional northern Vietnamese cuisine passed down from her grandmother.

While growing up in the metropolis Saigon, she learned to appreciate the street food culture that has a huge influence from Vietnam’s neighboring countries like Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. The street food in Saigon has a fresh and lighter balance than many of the cuisines in the area, drawing heavily on herbs, chili peppers and lime. Lady Ha also learned to make the street drinks from the city which include fresh fruit juice, smoothies, beers, teas and coffees.

The Lady Ha concept and offerings are a natural result of Lady Ha’s creative fusion mind and the skills she gained throughout her childhood. With her love for Saigon’s vibrant street food culture and upbringing, the Lady Ha fast-casual restaurant will bring fresh, all natural, and high-quality comfort Vietnamese street food and drinks to Ford Factory Lofts, the Beltline and the surrounding Atlanta area.


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Lady Ha To Bring Vietnamese Street Food to Ford Factory Lofts

Sip boba tea and juice smoothies adjacent the BeltLine on the restaurant's patio.

Construction will wrap in roughly five months at Lady Ha, a Vietnamese street food restaurant on the Atlanta...

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Lady Ha opening on Eastside Beltline and other dining news from the week

Vietnamese street food spot Lady Ha is slated to open next year in the Ford Factory Lofts, What Now Atlanta reports. The menu will also feature boba tea and fruit smoothies, as well as beer from local brewpub Hopstix. 

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